Made to Last

Nicolette hat gute Argumente! Und wunderschöne Möbelstücke. Die Schablonen gibt’s übringens auch bei indiid.

Decorate Decorate

I am such a believer in the benefits of re-inventing old furniture. There are the obvious benefits to the planet which come from re-cycling, combined with the possibility of creating something which is unique and tailored to your own home. Equally important for me is the ‚made to last‘ quality of old furniture, which can be bought so cheaply.

Under much duress, I recently bought a not so cheap, flat packed dressing table for my teenage daughter’s bedroom. Believe me, I didn’t want to do it, but she flatly refused my offers to paint something for her.  Anybody who has a teenage daughter will know that to argue is futile!

Within a matter of weeks the drawer has fallen to pieces and I have since squirted large amounts of wood glue into the grooves in an attempt to hold it together.

Here are a couple of pieces I bought from a second hand…

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