New year, same old resolutions?

Ein etwas anderer – vielleicht sogar herausfordernder! – Ansatz, was die Neujahrsvorsätze angeht. Lesenswert!

Rachael Willis Personal Training

So, here we are. January 2014. New year, new start, right?

Hands up who’s made some New Year resolutions. And keep those hands up if you’ve already broken one of them!

I’ve talked to several people about what they hope to achieve this year. Some have been gratifyingly positive and realistic. Others…not so much! I’m sure we’ve all heard the advice about setting achievable, specific goals that you can strike off your list with a satisfying tick once you’ve made your ‘perfect’ weight, bought that car, booked the cruise, got the promotion, survived ‘dry’ January…

Now there’s nothing wrong, per se, in having any of those as a goal. But I’m going to offer you a challenge this year. Rather than starting your list with specific, material-based ‘things’, ask yourself why you want those things on your list. And dig deep. Don’t fob yourself off with a superficial answer…

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